Do power banks ruin your battery?; 6 power bank myths.

power bank myths
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Power Bank Myths – Owning a power bank can be very handy, especially in our part of the world where electricity isn’t stable. They are electronic gadgets with higher battery capacity that store additional power. They are particularly useful when you don’t have direct electricity to charge your mobile phones.

The average power bank can hold electrical charges more than what your standard mobile phone can store. I have been digging through the internet to find product reviews on power banks. Although most reviews are positive, I did come across some bad ones that stem from some popular myths people have regarding the use of power banks.

The main culprit when it comes to battery capacity depreciation is heat. Phone batteries operate at optimum efficiency within the first 2 to 3 years after which they lose more than 20% of their capacity.

Heat reduces the lifespan of Lithium-ion or Lithium-polymer batteries even further. If you have to rely on a power bank, you’re either using your phone for a ton of hours each day in between nightly charges, or your battery is on its way out. 

Let’s discuss some power bank myths people believe. Hopefully, by the end of this post, you will have learned and unlearned certain things

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Myth #1. Power Banks Charge Devices Too Slow.

There are plenty of fake or substandard power banks out there that deliver little to no power when being used. If you are not ready to spend a little extra to get a good power bank from a trusted brand, then you shouldn’t complain when it takes forever to charge your phone.

Additionally, most modern phones pack a huge battery which should take a long time to charge.

When it comes to recharging a power bank it all depends on the capacity. If you go for a huge capacity power bank and you charge with less than a 33-watt charger then it might take forever.

Myth #2. Prolonged Use of Power Banks Will Damage Your Phone Battery.

I rely heavily on my power bank to maintain a sufficient charge on my mobile device when traveling. There are some rumors, however, that power banks can cause damage to a mobile device’s battery.

Is there any truth to this claim? The short answer is NO. I have seen power banks with questionable designs and low prices, these types are often not designed to deliver the correct voltage to your phone. You should expect a damaged battery anytime soon if you are using such cheap power banks.

However, if you buy a power bank from a trusted source, you can be sure it will not damage your device. Not only will they have the correct voltage, but they will also come with other protections such as overcharge protection, and overheating protection as well. One of the good brands out there I can always rely on is Oraimo. They have quality power banks at competitive prices.

Be sure to buy from their online store to avoid buying a knockoff power bank.

Myth #3. Power Banks Do not last longer.

Some product consumers believe that power banks will only function a few times before losing efficiency or completely ceasing to work.

While this might be true for cheap knockoffs, it’s not the case for quality power banks. When you purchase a reputable power bank, you’ll find they can be charged and used hundreds of times before experiencing any significant loss in efficiency.

This means they can potentially last for many years before needing replacement. Naturally, other factors like wear and tear also play a role.

All the quality power banks out there come with specific details on their operation to guide you. Your power banks as bulky as they may look aren’t indestructible.

Myth #4. You won’t be allowed on an Airplane If you possess a power bank.

Power Bank Myths

Here’s a myth about power banks that has some truth to it: power banks are allowed on airplanes, but there are some restrictions.

Only lithium-ion power banks are allowed, and they must be stored in your carry-on luggage. Also, power banks over 100Wh per battery are not allowed unless you have prior approval from the airline.

As long as you check your power banks beforehand and keep them with you or in your carry-on bag, you shouldn’t have any problems.

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Myth #5. Power banks randomly explode.

Power Bank Myths
Power Bank Myths

There have been instances where power banks have been reported to explode. Not to dispute that, this also happens with phones and it is more common when the phones are left on charge. There could be fluctuations in the energy grid which can trigger your batteries to swell and in most cases explode.

Your power banks also have batteries in them. Sometimes because of factory defects, the in-built power protection can fail which will lead to an explosion.

Again this is more common in cheap knockoff power banks. So far as you are relying on a quality brand then this is a big myth.

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