Six (6) Essential Online Tools for Productivity and Collaboration

Online Tools for Productivity
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There are so many Online Tools for Productivity on the internet that could potentially help you to be productive and get things done faster. Some of these tool listed in this post are tools that I have personally used and can testify to their efficiency.

Here are a few reasons to consider using online tools instead of the traditional software application on your phone or PC.

  1. Takes zero space on your PC or mobile
  2. Gives you the advantage of doing all your work in one space instead of opening multiple apps.
  3. Allows you to enjoy the free versions of paid apps.
  4. Conserve your battery.

Now that we know the benefits that come from using online tools let me share a few of my favorite Online Tools for Productivity.

1. Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 used to be the popular Office that we all know. However, The domain or website URL remains the same This is the traditional office package you have installed on your PC however this version is completely free and is cloud-based.

That means if you want to run Office but don’t have it installed on your PC. you can head over to and start using the cloud-based software instead.

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You would however be required to sign in with a Microsoft account or create one if you don’t have it. The only requirements to enjoy this useful tool are a browser and internet access.

So next time you want to use Word or Excel but don’t have money to buy the actual software package then this is the best option for you. It automatically synchronizes with your One Drive storage, so do not fear losing your files. You can download your files after work and use them offline if you desire.


This is one of my favorite online tools that I use now and then. As the name goes it allows you to resize your images online and download them onto your computer for use.

There are times when you are working and you need to resize an image quickly on the go. That is when the Resize image tool comes in. The best part is you don’t even need to create an account.

Screenshot 2024 06 22 195511

The features are not limited to just resizing images. It also allows you to crop the images to fit your requirements and allows you to use custom aspect ratios. This tool does an excellent work of maintaining the image quality as well

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3. is the online tool for the popular Picsart photo app on the Play Store and the App Store. The online tool has the exact same features as the apps.

I mostly rely on this app to create my feature images and thumbnail photos for my posts on Pinterest and other social media platforms. There are many free photo editing online tools out there but none of them beats Picsart when it comes to functionality.

You would need an account to use the tool which is easy to create because you can just sign in with your Google account.


This is another useful tool for photography enthusiast who need to make some edits on their photos like removing the background or changing the background of their photos. removes the background automatically using Ai and allows you to download in standard or HD quality.

Online Tools for Productivity and Collaboration
Online Tools for Productivity and Collaboration

You can use this tool without creating an account however to download your edits is High Quality you would need an account.


The default Instagram apps do not allow you to download videos in shareable mp4 format. This is where Snapinsta comes in.

This tool works perfectly on both mobile and PC. When you open the tool you are greeted with an interface that is asking for your Instagram video URL link. Just paste it and download it in the preferred quality.

There are the Google Play Store and Apple Store versions to download and use.


This tool is not for productivity purposes. All work and no play makes one a dull boy so if you want to kill some time or just kill boredom the Slowroads would be the best tool for you.

Screenshot 2024 06 22 194120

It is a game of a car driving on an endless road so you can play for as long as you like navigating meandering roads and beautiful terrains.

Slow Roads isn’t compatible with mobile but on PC the system requirements are very minimal because it is cloud-based.

Now that you know some online tools to make you productive I hope you share with your friends and family and continue to explore.

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