I Switched to IOS, Here is  Why I miss Android.

Why I miss Android
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My first smartphone was an Android phone and from that day onwards it has been my only choice for a smartphone.

For a long time, I disliked Apple products with passion this is because I didn’t see their phones as innovative enough as they market it to be.

When it comes to specs Samsung has always dominated the iPhone, no wonder they are top of the phone industry despite having to compete with other big phone manufacturers in the Android ecosystem. Even Google which owns rights to the Android operating system hasn’t been able to overtake Samsung phones.

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Recently I had to switch things up a bit. I initially wanted to go in for the Google Pixel 8 but has a last-minute change of mind.

I got a good deal for an iPhone 15 plus and comparing their specs with that of the Google Pixel 8, I think the iPhone 15 plus is better.

It took a while to get used to my iPhone because it was my first Apple device. I am still figuring it out.

If there is one thing to salute iPhones for then it is the optimization of their IOS. It has been one month since I got this device and not a single app has crushed on me or the device frozen for some reason.

I am indeed enjoying the change However there are certain limitations that IOS has in 2024 which is Why I miss Android.

After three weeks of use here are reasons Why I miss Android

1 . Absence of a Clipboard for copying and pasting text.

img 2225
img 2225

One of the main reasons why I miss Android is because of the availability of a clipboard for copying multiple items and pasting them as and when you please.

IOS on the other hand only allows you to copy one item at a time. There are some workaround tips when it comes to using clipboard on IOS but they are not free.

The option you have that is closest to free is to automate your iOS device to automatically past everything you copy in the notes app so you can move and past them separately.

2 . Dual Apps Feature

Why I miss Android

Anyone who has jumped from Android to IOS will greatly miss this feature. I use this feature that is present on Samsung and a lot of other Android phone brands for registering my multiple phone numbers on WhatsApp.

It’s a huge blow to me since IOS doesn’t allow that yet.

Some dual apps can also clone popular apps, such as social media and gaming apps, and allow users to switch between accounts quickly

3 . Unavailability of Certain Apps

One thing I love about Google Play Store is the wide range of apps that work with most Android phones on the market. You don’t get that on the Apple Store because certain apps are absent from the apps.

I have noticed that such apps often need a high permission level that IOS is just not ready to allow third-party apps to have access to for privacy protection’s sake.

One such app is Ampere, which I used to have on my Android phone to help me determine the charge rate of my phone in mAh. The app is nonexistent on the app store. Other alternatives seem to be rendered more useless as and when new IOS updates are released.

I also miss using Google Transcribe on my Android devices. Unfortunately, I cannot get that now.

4 . Customizability Limitation

Why I miss Android

Coming from the Xiaomi Ecosystem you can understand why I say IOS lacks certain customization features that I grew used to. For starters, I am unable to customize the fonts of the iPhone.

Secondly, I can’t install other third-party launchers and themes. Gone are the days when I could customize almost everything on my Poco x3 device. Customization is another reason why I miss using Android.

5 . Installation from Third Party Stores.

The last reason why I miss the Android operating system is the ability to install it from third-party stores. There are a ton of apps market for Android. The Android operating system also allows you to install apps of your own, which is great.

I think that is what a mobile operating system should be about. The ability to customize it as you please.

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I know the debate on which mobile operating system is extensive because both have their target markets and their user seem pleased with them.

It all comes down to user preference. For a long time, I never liked IOS devices and I still don’t see myself spending on another IOS device However it is worth testing both sides to judge for yourself.

One thing I won’t miss about Android is the constant unnecessary app crushes and Bugged OS. I’ve never experienced that since moving to IOS

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