Director of Health Services has urged Ghanaians to Vaccinate against Covid-19

Director of Health Services has urged Ghanaians to Vaccinate against Covid-19
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The director of Health Services has urged Ghanaians to Vaccinate against Covid-19. – Mr. Eric Nana Takyi, the Director of Health Services for the Kadjebi District, has urged Ghanaians especially those in Kadjebi District, to take the COVID-19 vaccination seriously.

He emphasized the importance of the upcoming National Vaccination Day against COVID-19 scheduled from May 4 to 9.

Advising individuals above 18, he pleaded with them to seize the opportunity to get vaccinated.

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Takyi revealed that only 28,682 individuals in the Kadjebi District have completed their vaccination regimen. This leaves approximately 21,200 people in the district vulnerable to COVID-19.

Takyi addressed concerns about recent increases in COVID-19 cases, attributing this trend to individuals who have either refused to get vaccinated or are only partially vaccinated. He underscored the severity of the disease and urged everyone to get vaccinated without delay.

These remarks were made during a meeting of the Risk Communication Committee held in Kadjebi, Oti Region. Takyi reiterated the importance of completing the vaccination regimen. He emphasized the need for individuals to receive their second dose and booster shots for full protection against COVID-19.

Highlighting the role of the Risk Communication Committee, Takyi explained its responsibility to provide accurate and timely information to the public, thereby preventing the spread of misinformation, minimizing fear, and promoting informed decision-making regarding health issues.

Mrs. Mabel Amankwa-Amoah, the Health Promotion Officer for the Kadjebi District, acknowledged the challenges of behavior change and urged committee members to communicate effectively on current issues.

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Mr. David Naboare, a Mental Health Officer, emphasized the importance of mental well-being in effective communication, citing statistics indicating mental health challenges among Ghanaians.

The Risk Communication Committee comprises various units and agencies. They are; the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Ghana Education Service (GES), media outlets, Environmental Health, Disease Surveillance, Health Promotion, Mental Health, Ghana Police Service, Muslim Representatives, and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).

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