West Africa Pharma and Healthcare Expo 2024 opened

West Africa Pharma and Healthcare Expo 2024 opened in Accra
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The third West Africa Pharma and Healthcare Expo commenced in Accra, Ghana, with the government expressing its commitment to making Ghana a pharmaceutical hub in Africa.

Dr. Benard Okoe Boye, the minister-designate of health, inaugurated the event on behalf of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo, highlighting the government’s focus on leveraging e-pharmacy and digital health for healthcare transformation.

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The Expo aimed to explore the potential of e-pharmacy and digital health delivery in West Africa, with a particular emphasis on leveraging digital platforms to improve healthcare access and delivery.

Dr. Okoe Boye emphasized the importance of embracing e-pharmacy within the pharmaceutical industry to enhance efficiency, accessibility, and affordability in healthcare systems.

Ghana’s National Electronic Pharmacy Platform ecosystem had 226 operational electronic pharmacies as of August 2023, indicating progress in adopting digital health solutions. Concerns regarding data privacy in e-health were raised, with reports suggesting that only forty percent of healthcare businesses have strong data security mechanisms.

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Mr. Harrison Abutiate, CEO of Ghana National Chamber of Pharmacy, highlighted the chamber’s commitment to advancing e-health services in Ghana and beyond.

Exhibitors from various countries, including India, Ghana, Turkey, Pakistan, USA, and Italy, participated in the exhibition, providing an opportunity for collaboration and investment in the pharmaceutical industry.

Source : GNA

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