Heavy Makeup Use; Four (4) health risks.

Today's woman believes that without heavy makeup Use, she isn't pretty enough to step out of the house.
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Today’s woman believes that without heavy makeup Use, she isn’t pretty enough to step out of the house.

In my personal opinion, it’s like a drug that creates a temporary illusion of beauty, the reason why some people are almost addicted.

While others prefer to wear their natural look, some simply cannot go a day without it.

If you are one of such people then you might want to read on to find out what the implications of heavy makeup use are.

Here are some health risks associated with Heavy Makeup Use


The tiny pores on your face are meant to help your skin to breathe. Applying heavy water or oil-based foundations and concealers will block these pores. Over a long time, you’ll be left with oxygen-deprived skin.

In some cases, it can even lead to the formation of acne because your skin will try to remove the blockage in the pores by excreting more oils

The discomfort you feel under your skin after downloading heavy makeup on your face is your body’s way of warning you.


Not much research has been conducted on the effects of heavy makeup use on the skin making it even riskier because little is known about it.

There are however instances where certain carcinogenic compounds have been found in makeup. Compounds such as arsenic and formaldehyde are found in most low-grade makeup kits.

According to the American Cancer Society, skin cancers are one of the most common types of cancers which affect one in five people.

Before you purchase any product for your make up make sure you know what it’s made of.


The makeup industry is worth USD 374.18 billion and is rapidly growing. This should tell you that a lot goes into it. To make sure this industry thrives demand is often created.

Applying the makeup clogs your skin, causing dryness and irritation to make you look older than your age. You’re then forced to buy some so-called “upgraded new formula” that promises to make you look even better but is making you look a lot older.

You’ll end up requiring more and more makeup to conceal the wrinkles and fine lines you have caused yourself.

Applying makeup daily will minimize the number of times you apply your sunscreen. Most products do not have enough sun protection, meaning the skin on your face is under direct UVB and UVA rays from the sun.

Ditch your makeup and apply sunscreen when you need to. If you do not apply sun protection for over thirty days you are definitely going to age faster.


Today's woman believes that without heavy makeup Use, she isn't pretty enough to step out of the house.

The areas around your eyes are very sensitive and hence you should be careful when applying makeup like mascara. When not properly applied it can get into the eyes and harden beneath the eyelids.

Over time it acts like an abrasive as you close and open your eyes. This scratches your cornea and over a long period could lead to blindness or eye infection.

Although rare, there has been an instance involving a woman who had been applying mascara for over 25 years. In her case, she often went to bed with her makeup on. pieces of the mascara accumulated behind her eyelids.

The area around your eyes and your eyelid is thin and delicate. This is also where you use makeup like foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. Any kind of irritant in your eye makeup can cause severe harm to your eyes. It can even lead to an eye infection.

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In conclusion, makeup is something that doesn’t improve your health in any way therefore care must be taken if applying one. You are at liberty to apply if moderately.

The industry is also such that it seeks to exploit people’s self-image, most especially women who believe they need to use heavy makeup to look beautiful.

You’ll end up needing more to maintain your “beauty”.

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  1. Frank Awuah Avatar

    God bless you, Emmanuel Brew. Tell them. When you tell them, they should go the natural way, they see you as their enemies.

    1. kwamebrew Avatar

      Thank you sir. They dont understand that they look even more beautiful when they go natural

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