Seven (7) things they won’t tell you about growing up

things they won't tell you about growing up
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Life is about learning and learning comes through our experiences growing up. Right from the day we are born till we draw our last breath life teaches us so many things which we can apply to our lives or transfer to others in the form of advice.

While growing up, we take many things for granted because we aren’t properly guided. We make mistakes and learn from them.

1. Learn to control your emotions.

Controlling your emotions will save you from a lot of regrets. You will encounter many different kinds of people and behaviors at this stage of your life. You will meet them at the workplace, at home, and even in church.

Some of their actions will trigger unhealthy

emotions and cause you to react in a way that

differs completely from your core principles as

a person. Always make sure that when you sit back and watch how you reacted to them, you don’t end up regretting some actions or words you used.

This does not mean you should tolerate nonsense but you should be able to handle it with maturity.

2. Be extra mindful of your actions they will come back to you

You may have been able to get away with so many things when you were younger. It ends NOW. mind you, The law of cause and effect has always been around, but it is amplified in your thir. Whatever action and decision you make be sure that you can handle the results.

From year 0 to 29, society regards you as a novice who is still learning about life so some mistakes you make may be pardonable but once you hit thirty everything changes. Expectations are heightened. Not that you are living to please anyone but everything you do, good or bad will come back to you.

Once you hit 30 you will realise those around you don’t sugarcoat the harsh truth as they used to do. You are expected to be mature enough to swallow the bitter truth and embrace criticisms. If you are still trapped in your twenties you are always going to get hurt.

3. Your body doesn’t heal like it used to, take care of it.

Unless you are super athletic with Christiano Ronaldo’s physique, you should take care of your body. How you take care of it will determine how it will carry you through old age.

Injuries you incur may not heal as fast as they used to and if you handle your body recklessly and end up with a fatal injury you could be disabled for life. it’s said that skin injuries in older adults can take up to four times longer to recover compared to younger individuals. This is partly due to the effect of aging on the cells within the body. (Source: West Coast Wound and Skincare)

It is natural and the body’s way of preserving itself and prolonging life. The best you can do is to eat healthy and exercise efficiently. You don’t need to stress your body beyond what it can handle.

4. Prioritise your mental wellbeing and peace of mind.

This is one of the best pieces of advice you need once you hit 30 because, without sane mental health, you can’t apply any of the things you are reading now. In your thirties, you are already dealing with a lot.

There is so much pressure on you and huge responsibilities you didn’t ask for and at times it can become overwhelming if you are not a

strong person.

Imagine with all this mental stress on you you still have to deal with people and things that affect your mental health.

Sleep well, Exercise, and eat healthily because

that is the way to go.

5. Don’t hesitate to cut off fake friends.

Some friends in your life are a huge drag and will slow you down from achieving your goals in life. Even though you may not have the chance to choose who walks into your life, you decide to do away with those who add no value to your life.

You shouldn’t feel apologetic for cutting off friends in your life, especially if they don’t add value to you.

6. Network and seize opportunities.

Most old people would tell you that their biggest regret in life is not seizing certain opportunities that came their way. For you not to regret when you are old make a conscious effort to grab any opportunity that comes your way else you may regret it.

This is something we are not warned enough about and tend to mess up often.

We tend to take a lot of things for granted in our teenage years and most people never prepare for what is ahead. This post on things they won’t tell you about growing up is meant to guide you so you have a glimpse of what you are likely to face. This points listed are also meant to help you keep your mental sanity.

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