When to give someone a little space; Five (5) Signs

When to give someone a little space
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Knowing when to give someone a little space and when to be around is something that you should master because it can save you from embarrassing situations and protect your self-respect.

We interact with friends, family, colleagues, and lovers throughout our daily lives. It’s important to know that you’re likely to grow

People aren’t always direct when expressing themselves so you must watch out for these signs to know when to give someone a little space.

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1. They come up with excuses to Avoid you

When to give someone a little space

We often overlook this sign because we may like the person too much to face the reality that they want to avoid us. If someone wants space they will start giving you excuses.

One or two valid excuses are ok but when it becomes more than three times then there’s the probability they are just avoiding you. They can’t be straight with you because they do not want to bear the guilt of having to hurt your feelings.

If you notice someone you want to get close to is constantly giving lame excuses then it’s time to give them space. You would be doing them a favor and doing yourself the same.

2. Conversations become one-sided

When to give someone a little space

Conversation with anyone should be two-sided and engaging.

If you are attempting to have a conversation with someone and they appear not interested it could mean they aren’t interested in whatever you are talking about.

If it happens very often it could be another telling sign that they want some space. Their lack of interest in talking or having a meaningful conversation with you translates into their interest in you as a person.

Respect yourself, keep your distance, and allow space for them to try to reach out and engage with you. If they don’t do that voluntarily then you should get the message by now.

3. Unwelcoming Body Language

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Someone who doesn’t want you in their circle won’t be able to do much to hide it. If you want to see if someone is fed up with your presence and wants space observe them closely.

How they lean away from you especially when talking to you or how their fake smile instantly disappears are all some subtle signs you should give them space.

People have bad days therefore it wouldn’t be fair to just conclude by giving them space as soon as you read their body language. If this reaction around you is repetitive, you can give them a little space.

4. When they are busy too often.

“I am busy” is what someone who wants to avoid you will often use. Someone who wants you in their space will usually create the space for you.

If someone you want to get close to is telling you they are busy all the time then it’s a sign they need space. Not for them but for your own dignity.

5. They willingly tell you.

There will be some who will be able to tell you as it is. If you are lucky to be giving a reason why they want some space then take it in good faith.

If they choose not to tell you do the same and respect yourself.

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The idea of giving someone space isn’t to punish them or something. It is to protect your mental health and well-being. There may be other telling signs When to give someone a little space.

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